Sunshine, oh glorious sunshine!

So the sun has been shining bright for just over 2 weeks, and I’m feeling quite lucky.
I don’t understand why people keep moaning about this gorgeous weather?
You moan when it’s cold, you moan when it’s hot… So you want neither at all…? There is probably not a single place in this planet that you could get an ‘in the middle’ weather range.

So, yes, the weather is lovely. But I’m not going to be one of these people that moan. We hardly see the sunshine in this country, if anything, we should moan about that!
(Or just move to warmer climes).

Why am I feeling quite lucky, you might ask?
Well, I’ll tell you why.

During the week, on my regular mon-fri J.O.B. (Just.Over.Broke – for those of you that are unsure of that analogy), I am blessed to start my day by waking at 4.36am (got a strange thing about the number 6), then start work at 5.30am. Throughout my summer shift I actually sit out in/walk around in the sun. I get to wear linen trousers and a loose fitting shirt.
This is my view from where I sit –


After I finish my ‘day J.O.B.’ at 12.30pm, I blissfully drive home to sit out in the garden


(And in the hot tub).
Before I get ready for my afternoon meetings, sitting in a pub garden/coffee garden or two ‘talking business’.


Yep, that’s my regular ‘working’ view.

So this is why I’m blessed (and tanned). I get to spend all day in the sun.

The amount of people I see moaning every day about being ‘stuck in hot the office’ / ‘stuck at work so unable to take the kids out’ / ‘missing out on seeing the kids growing up and having fun in the sun’, I just want to plead with them to take me up on my offer!!

“Meet me for a coffee and I’ll tell you about a life changing opportunity that you can do in your ‘spare time’!”.



Ah, we’re starting to wake up. ‘Maybe’.

So, yet again, another article about the concerns around ingredients found in every day products.

After my ‘education’ on health care products, I firmly believe I have found the best of the best.


What’s worrying is that doctors are saying this is an ‘epidemic’ that’s occurred because of these artificial preservatives that really aren’t good for you.

Remember guys, you are effectively poisoning yourself every time you use a product with any of the above ingredients.


Here are your common every day products with what they might contain and the worrying side effects!


So, to sum it all up, and to establish why I love my business and the products we have –


If you’re open to opportunities, want to be your own boss and want to have a look at the products for yourself, get in touch, you never know, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!


Anti freeze, would you put it on your face knowingly?

I have just read the above article and yet again I am shocked at what companies are allowed to get away with!

There is no ruling on what ‘can and can’t’ go into your consumable every day products like there is on what can and can’t be used in foodstuffs, but there should be!

I know I’ve said it in a previous blog, but we need to educate ourselves a little on what our products actually contain, and actively seek out alternatives. Many skin conditions you see these days are because of the artificial chemicals added to the products we are using.

Arbonne’s range of products are Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Pure ingredients, safe to use, and they are actually widely beneficial for use.
I have seen a ton of benefits switching my products to Arbonne!

Who’d have thought it – botanical products that actually show visible results (and sometimes within even 24 hours!).


To add to everything I’ve just said… I’ve found this amazingly educational video on the way the industry and the system works.

If you want to find out more about Arbonne, get in touch!


Today’s ‘non-dreamer’ society.

I’ve just watched a video on YouTube that I have watched before, but it really does drive the message home.
It really makes me think. When did we get taught to stop dreaming?
I read an article the other week that suggested we stop dreaming when we are in school, as that is what is taught to us.
A young child is asked to draw a picture of his ideal job, so he draws a rock star as he sees this as something that is attainable.
The teacher tells him to draw something else, as “you have to be really talented and not that many people are able to do so well as a rock star”.
So this child has it drummed into his brain that he needs to aim lower, for a ‘more suited’ role, probably as a worker in the rat race, like she. (I know, I’m being stereotypical talking in he/she.)
The actual person that has been brainwashed is the teacher. She was probably taught in the same way, in an educational system that hasn’t changed for decades. This education is not working any more! A radical shift needs to be made, and I advise anyone reading this to –
A) Read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad – or even ANY of his books. He is a self made millionaire, and the guy is genius.
B) Think about what you wanted to be as a child. Now ask yourself why you didn’t become this? Was it your decision, or was it because you were told it was too hard for you to do this?
C) If you have children, make sure they know they can do anything they set their mind to. And i MEAN anything. They have your guidance and support.
D) Watch the video!

No matter how many people told me my dreams were unattainable, I never stopped dreaming (I just got distracted).
Now I’m chasing my dream, to be the leader I always knew I was capable of being.
I get to lead. I get to teach. And I get to support an amazing, forever growing, team of entrepreneurs to follow their dream and achieve all they thought was never possible.
Thank you, to the universe, for everything it throws in my direction. I will catch, and I will always catch.





Today I had a bizarre thing happen.
I made an important phone call without realising and only ‘woke up’ once I was placed on hold to be connected to the manager.
This phone call has already changed my life because it made me realise what is important to me.
So what’s important? Helping others less advantaged!

I am so grateful to have so many amazing people come in to my life over the past few months that have made me realise my potential!
I am so grateful that Arbonne has given me the ability to see things so much more clearly around what I want to achieve.

My core values have become a lot more exciting and I can hardly wait to share what I have in store!

I implore people that want to change their lives to get in touch!
Sometimes an opportunity only comes knocking once – don’t regret the things you’ve done, but the things you didn’t do!


The box.

There comes a time when every entrepreneur needs to think outside the box in order to grow their business.
But some of us need to get rid of the box completely!

My confidence is growing in great strides, and I know it will continue to grown for the rest of my life – as long as I am an entrepreneur.
Over this past week I have realised I need to do something different. I need to get noticed in other ways. I need to do things other entrepreneurs in this industry haven’t already done.
I need to talk to people I have never met in greater detail. I need to seek advice from people I do not know. I need to surround myself with greatness.

The support from the team I have around me is great, they are the branches of greatness that help you up when you need to rise to the next step.

‘The box’ to me symbolises my comfort zone. Instead of just thinking outside my comfort zone, I need to break through, and step outside the comfort zone I have created. It’s all in the mind. We have control over our own futures – we have just been brainwashed into thinking we don’t!

Every day I am grateful I have the opportunity to give someone else the chance to step outside their box, with the support of several branches. And with that, I am eternally grateful to a life long friend, who firstly said yes to Arbonne, and then gave me the opportunity to say yes also.



Our mothers poisoned us! ….But it’s ok, they didn’t realise!

I read a blog recently (apologies to the author, I can’t remember where I read it!) that suggested our mothers poisoned us, and we didn’t have a choice!
Now, this isn’t poisoning in the common sense, this is a poisoning our mothers didn’t even realise – the fact is, we use hundreds of products in our every day lives and this habit starts off from our lives as a baby.
So in our infant years our mothers (/fathers) used baby oil, baby lotion, nappy rash cream and various other products to treat skin conditions that appeared – like eczema, rashes, cuts, etc.
She would use various household products without even a blink of an eye to what they contained.
As we grew up, we became even more interested in products – hair care, skin care, sun care, nutrition, cosmetics.
And now, in our households, we own a lot of different brands, for many different uses, but we have never really, truthfully considered what we might actually be putting on our skin. Now this is an important factor, because what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream within 26 seconds.

I have recently gone through a huge education on these products and have realised just how harmful, and yes, poisonous, these products can be! It has been a real eye opener, and I advise anyone and everyone to do your own research. Flip over the back of a bottle and google the ingredients! I think you will be shocked to discover just what these chemicals are capable of!

I truly believe that a lot of skin conditions you find these days are directly linked to the chemicals contained in these products!

If you shouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin!
I knew that petrolatum wasn’t something you should eat, so why would I put it on my skin??
A little bit of education goes a long way.
I’m so grateful to know I won’t have to unintentionally poison my children as they’re growing up!
And that’s all thanks to Arbonne!